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Would you like to acquire a Beagle?

Congratulations. You have taken the right choice. This intelligent and teachable dog allways brims with good temper and energy. He is an ideal family dog, owing to his absolute nonaggressive nature. He likes children. Nobody can align with him in gadgeteering of different funny amusements. Once you become acquainted wit the character of a Beagle, you never will wish to have another dog breed.

News from dog shows

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   On October 23, 2010 – it was a day with a beautiful wheather – tests in scenting abilities of hunting-dogs took place , in the beautiful hunt in the neighbourhood of Stozice. My admiration and thanks go to all those who participated in the preparation and implementation of the tests. Their excellent organization, high level of expertise and conduct of all participants, have contributed to a smooth course of the tests and to their results.
   One week before the tests, I had practised a training with Carmi in the same area. As compared to the previous year, she became quiet and we mastered the exercise very well. Due to my health problems, however, it was Mr. Tomas Lebeda who conducted her during the proper tests. He and Carmi mastered the tests very well, despite the fact they practically had not exercised together before.

A few pictures from the tests

The last available puppies

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   The last available little boy.

Famoso Beniamino, alias Dexan. Famoso Beniamino, alias Dexan. By the structure of his body and his colouring, he takes after father, whereas his mental equipment reminds me of his mother Sunny. He is soft, cuddly, and if he were not a puppy I would say that he is forthouted. He needs a lot of contact and attention. He is grateful for all, and in his eyes you can see devotion. In one word, he is an ideal darling.

Male doggie Beniamino